about us

Our History

Kentucky Christian Assembly Church Camp held their ground breaking and Dedication on Oct 17, 1965 at 3:00 PM.

The Original Trustees were Billy Haitt (Wildie Christian Church) Estil McBee (Mt. Vernon Christian) James Taylor (Buckeye Christian) Foster Mullins (Livingston Christian) CB Owens (Brodhead Christian)

The Original Directors were Jack Parsons, Aster McNew (Wildie Christian); Leo Hopkins, Phyllis Bray (Mt. Vernon Christian); Robert Hubbard (Buckeye Christian); Harry Holland, Lee Mullins Jr. (Livingston Christian); Clay Colson, Bobby Machal (Brodhead Christian).

Original Treasurer: CB Owens

Board Members:

  • Chairman-Scott Parkey
  • Vice Chairman-Steve Owens
  • Secretary-Debbie Brown/Cynthia Rogers
  • Treasurer-Julie Marks

KCA Supporting Churches are:

First Christian Scott’s Fork Christian Livingston Christian
New Antioch Christian Brodhead Christian McKinney Christian
Wildie Christian Southern Heights Christian Crab Orchard Christian
Climax Christian Level Green Christian Bethel Christian
Victory Christian

The Trustees are:
Betty Price (Crab Orchard Christian)
Debbie Brown (First Christian)
Heather Akers (Scott’s Fork Christian)
Cynthia Rogers (Brodhead Christian)

The Church Directors are:

  • Jesse Clark, Raymond Hatfield, Dale Ballinger (Advisor) – Bethel Christian
  • Cynthia Rogers (Co-Secretary), Steve Owens (Vice-Chairman), Tracy Valentine (Advisor) – Brodhead Christian
  • Sam Mullins, Terry Thorton – Climax Christian
  • Betty Price – Crab Orchard Christian
  • Scott Parkey (Chairman), Debbie Brown (Co-Secretary), Bruce Ross (Advisor) – First Christian
  • Charley Smith, Val McCord (Advisor), Julie Marks (Treasurer) – New Antioch Christian
  • Courtney Rose May, Heather Akers – Scott’s Fork Christian
  • David Jones, Dean Bastin – Southern Heights Christian
  • Ricky Davis (Advisor), Rick Hourigan, DeWayne Stipe – Victory Christian
  • Connie Smith, Angie Parsons-Woods, Gary Pettyjohn (Advisor) – Wildie Christian